Senior Advisors/Advisors

0     Mr. William Lee, MSc Econ (Wales)

        LL.B (Hons) (MMU), BBA, MIMgt, ACIArb

                Part-time Lecturer of Professional & Continuing Education,

University of Hong Kong

                 Part-time Local Tutor of Bachelor of Arts in Criminology,

Hull University (UK)

                 Former Director of Tung Fong Hung (東方紅)

(A Company Listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited)

                 Former Director of Nam Pei Hong (南北行)

(A Company Listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited)

                 Former Managing Director of G-Prop (Holdings) Limited (金匡企業有限公司)

(A Company Listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited)

                 Former Superintendent of the Royal Hong Kong Police Force

 26 October 2010

 “... As the government continues to attach great importance to the promotion of life-long learning, the Charter Management Association (CMA) has excelled itself by offering a wide range of quality tertiary courses through collaboration with overseas reputable universities and professional institutes.  As Senior Advisor, I salute CMA as, over the past 30 years, it has nurtured numerous local senior executives into successful professionals and scholars... " 


0     Mr. Frankie Lo Wing-Kwan, MH

                 Eastern District Councillor

(Elected), Fortress Hill

2 December 2010

“I would like to send my heart-felt greetings and congratulations to the 30th Anniversary of the Charter Management Association (CMA). Hong Kong is one of the most progressive cities in the world, and we are in need of well educated managers to make the best use of our productive resources to accelerate our economic advancement.  As Senior Advisor of the Charter Management Association, I  have confidence that CMA will play a significant role in the continuing development of Hong Kong. "


0     Mr. Tony Cheng

                 Senior Advisor, Chartered Management School of Distance Learning

                 Former Director of Yan Chai Hospital

“It gives me great pleasure to congratulate the Charter Management Association (CMA) on its 30th Anniversary... As Senior Advisor of CMA, I am sure it will offer good quality academic and professional programs for senior executives and professionals in Hong Kong and China.  More importantly, I am sure CMA, as one of the best distance learning programs providers, will help Hong Kong provide good quality of higher education in the years ahead. "


0     Dr. Vincent Cheng

                 Senior Advisor, Chartered Management School of Distance Learning

                 President, Lions Club of Beacon Hill (1994-1995)

"... The 30th Anniversary of the Charter Management Association (CMA) is a happy event well-worth celebrating.  It is readily apparent that CMA's President Professor Stephen Shum has done an outstanding job in guiding CMA through the past 30 years, and to this level of success.  As CMA's Senior Advisor, I came to know Professor Shum for 20 years when he was President of the Lions Club of North Kowloon in 1994.  I am very proud to endorse that he is honored to be congratulated for his devoted and sustained efforts and hard work put forward in achieving this wonderful milestone. "


0     Professor Alexander K.L. Chu

      Senior Advisor, Charter Management Association

      Fellow, Chartered Management Association

      中國廣州中山大學 (Sun Yat-Sen University, China)

項目組長兼首席導師, 教授























0     Mr. John W.K. Yu, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Columbia), MBA, DBA (Cand.)

                 Bachelor of Science (York University, Canada)

(Member of Dean's Honour Roll)

                  Master of Science (Columbia University, N.Y.)

                  Director, New York Life International

16 December 2010

“I would like to send my warmest congratulations to the Charter Management Association (CMA) on its 30th Anniversary... As the Senior Advisor of CMA, I sincerely hope the Charter Management Association will continue to provide the quality education and good training programs for executives in Hong Kong and China ..."


0     Mr. Jim Lam 

                 Sales Director,

China Everbright Wealth Management Limited

  16 December 2010

“I have great pleasure to congratulate the 30th Anniversary of Charter Management Association (CMA), which has recorded its remarkable contributions to both Hong Kong and PR China over the past 30 years.  It is readily apparent that many young executives are able to upgrade to higher management positions successfully after completion of CMA's academic and professional programs.  As the Senior Advisor of CMA, I sincerely wish the Charter Management Association continuous success in providing more useful academic and professional programs to our Hong Kong young executives in the coming decades.  Congratulations! "


0     Mr. Stephen Chow Chun-Keung

        MPAcc (HKPolyU), FCCA, MSCA, ACA (E&W), ATIHK, CPA, CPA (Practising)         

      Master in Professional Accounting with Credit, Hong Kong Polytechnic University 


Council Member and Membership Affairs Committee Chairman,
           The Society of Chinese Accountants and Auditors

“I have great pleasure and appreciated to be an Advisor of the Charter Management Association (CMA) for these years.  On this occasion of its 30th Anniversary, I would like to take this golden opportunity to express my most genuine congratulations... Over the past thirty years, CMA has provided high-quality education and training to talents and professionals, and it has also made a remarkable contribution to our community.  In response to the needs of life-long learning, I believe CMA would continuously shoulder the responsibilities in nurturing talents and helping them to build their future.  I sincerely wish CMA all ongoing success in reaching its goals. "


 0    Mr. William Lin, Ph.D ( Candidate ), MCHMA

        MABP, MBus, PGDE, BSc, BHN, MCHMA, SHKIM, CDCDP      

      Lecturer, City University of Hong Kong (CCCU)

      Full Member, Chartered Management Association

December 2010

“ ... The Charter Management Association ( CMA ) has pioneered high standards and raised the professionalism of the education in Hong Kong... Hong Kong needs CMA now more than ever.  I can see an even bigger role awaiting CMA, as Hong Kong transitions into a knowledge-based society... "


 0    Mr. Jackson Chan, MBA

              President, Universal Training And Consultancy Center

              Former Procurement Manager,

 Services Acquisition, Compaq Computer Limited

              Fellow, Chartered Management Association

22 July 2010

“As a Fellow and Advisor, I would like to whole-heartedly express my congratulations to the Charter Management Association ( CMA ) on its 30th Anniversary.  Over the past 30 years, CMA and its accredited learning centers have successfully organized to offer numerous academic and professional programs in Hong Kong and China.  It is gratifying to know that many of its graduates are holding managerial and responsible positions such as Chairmen, Managing Directors, CEOs and Executive Directors etc.  I am sure CMA will keep on moving ahead positively to help our Hong Kong professionals and senior executives succeed in their academic and professional advancements... "


 0    Mr. Jack Ho, MCHMA, MCHAD

              Manager, Product Design

                     SNP Leefung (A Listed Company)

              Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration,

                   Central Connecticut State University (1849), USA

              Full Member, Chartered Management Association

              Full Member, Chartered Association of Directors

“... The Charter Management Association (CMA) provides numerous opportunities for managers and specialists to learn and enhance the managerial skills in different aspects through numerous activities in diversified topics at various levels.  CMA members then exploit such skills to different organizations in Hong Kong to significantly contribute for the economic growth of Hong Kong.  As a Member and Advisor of CMA, may I take this opportunity to congratulate its President, Professor Stephen Shum for his significant contributions in the past to achieve such high professional standards for the Association.”


  0   Mr. Eric Yu, BBA, MBA, FCHMA, FCATE

              Project Manager, Power Tools

                     Industry Products Group, Johnson Electric International Ltd.

                     (A Company Listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd.)

              Fellow, Chartered Management Association

              Fellow, Chartered Association of Technology And Engineering  

“ ... For the past 30 years, CMA has been successful in accomplishing its mission of promoting the practice of professional Management and Educational affairs beyond geographical frontiers to other parts of Asia, and has already established connection networks in the prominent cities in China, including Peking, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen etc...CMA has successfully linked up with many prestigious and well-established educational and professional institutes and renowned professionals in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and China as well  after 30 years of dedicated hard-work.  Being a Fellow and Advisor of CMA, ... I sincerely wish to extend to CMA of my very best wishes for its every success. "



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