Honorary Senior Presidents

0     譚榮根名譽領事,BBS, MBE 太平紳士

Dr. Tam Wing-Kun, BBS, MBE, JP


Honorary Consul of the Republic of Kenya in Hong Kong & Macau SAR

      First Vice President, Lions Clubs International, USA

1 December 2010

 “The 30th Anniversary of the Charter Management Association (CMA) has marked its remarkable successes and contributions to Hong Kong and the Mainland China over the three decades… CMA has relentlessly and extensively provided the necessary channels and opportunities to boost for high quality education and programs, laying a solid foundation and various opportunities for life-long learning.  We… will continue to grow stronger, and be committee to the optimistic future at the Charter Management Association.”


0     呂新榮博士

Dr. Sun-Wing Lui

      香港理工大學前副校長 (2000–2010)

Former Vice President (2000-2010), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

      香港生產力促進局前副總裁(1992–2000 )

           Former Branch Director (1992-2000), The Hong Kong Productivity Council

“….. In the past three decades, the Charter Management Association (CMA) has made significant contributions in promoting and offering high standard international academic and professional management programmes in Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland... I am sure that CMA will continue to strive for excellence and achieve its mission to improve the management standard of our society through its high quality continuing education... " 


0     李汝大名譽領事

Dr. Desmond Y.T. Lee

      Honorary Consul for Fiji in Hong Kong


      Former Member of Legislative Council, Hong Kong


9 August 2010

“…..The Charter Management Association (CMA) has been making outstanding contributions to professional development, higher education, research and training.  I have taken part in its activities regularly for more than twenty years, and have seen CMA train many talents for Hong Kong ...

I would pay tribute to CMA for its achievements in the last 30 years and wish the Association continuing success in the future. "


0     Dr. William W. Chu


President, U.S. States & Ports Association in Hong Kong


Hong Kong Goodwill Ambassador

11 May 2010

“….. In the last 30 years, the Charter Management Association ( CMA ) has done a great job in providing quality education tools to managers and CEOs in Hong Kong and China.  For those benefited from  the CMA programs in the past, there are many success stories to tell.  I am sure CMA will continue to offer its " best of the best " educational programs as always for the future...


0     Dr. Norman L. Li


Former President, U.S. States & Ports Association in Hong Kong


Hong Kong Goodwill Ambassador

11 May 2010

“….. On the momentous occasion of the Charter Management Association (CMA)'s 30th Anniversary, I would like to congratulate CMA their success in promoting higher education and human resources development in Asia, including Hong Kong.  CMA has been cooperating with a number of Illinois education institutes, I look forward to an even stronger relationship in the future...”


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