Honorary Presidents

0     Dr. Leo K.W. Lok (駱健華律師), LL.B. (Hons.), LL.M., LL.D.   

Solicitor & Notary Public, China Appointed Attesting Officer

      香港大學校董 (2007- 2010)

           Member of the Standing Committee of Convocation,

           University of Hong Kong (2007-2010)

1 May 2010   

“… I have witnessed the great success of the Charter Management Association ( CMA ) over the past 30 years in promoting top quality educational and professional programs in its worldwide cooperation with distinguished universities and institutions of higher learning.  Students have derived tremendous benefits both in their work and their life learning process... I am proud of CMA's achievements under the dedicated efforts of Professor Stephen Shum.   I am sure that CMA shall continue to grow in prosperity and success in the years to come. "


0     Dr. Dickson K.T. Wong (王啟達大律師, 會計師)

Barrister & CPA  


Member of The Board of Trustee, United College of The Chinese University of Hong Kong

        18 May 2010

... For the past three decades, the Charter Management Association ( CMA ) has provided outstanding and quality education to academicians and professionals at various entry levels... CMA provides a wide range of training programmes to meet the needs of the senior executives in Hong Kong and China.  It encourages life-long learning and long- term partnership with the business community at large.  Prosperity in the 21st Century relies on high standard education and CMA is a big contributor to fulfill this need.  Under the leadership of Dr. Stephen Shum, I am confident that CMA will keep up with its good work and I sincerely hope CMA every success in the years to come. "


0     Sir Dr. Alan Wong (黃德倫爵士)

 Knight Gr. Com. OSJ










鼓勵港人終身學業   提昇社教育水平


0     鄭宇碩教授, 太平紳士

Professor Joseph Cheng Yu-Shek, JP


Chair Professor,

City University of Hong Kong

 August 2010

“ ... Recently, with the growing demand for graduate and postgraduate programmes, the Charter Management Association ( CMA ) has cooperated with reputable Universities to offer Distance Learning Programmes in Hong Kong ...Now that the community appreciates more the value of life-long learning and the need to better equip itself for challenges of the New Economy, CMA will certainly have a more significant role to play in Hong Kong's future development... I sincerely congratulate CMA for its 30th Anniversary ... I am sure that CMA ... will play significant role in achieving the higher educational goals and standards of Hong Kong in the 21st century.”


0     Professor Peng Chan, PhD, MBA, LLB (Hons.)

      Full Professor of Management, 

           California State University-Fullerton, USA

      Chairman & President

                     Global Management Group

      President, E2Engery  

“ It gives me great pleasure to congratulate the Charter Management Association (CMA) on its 30th Anniversary... CMA's role is critical in providing advanced management programs to help enhance the knowledge and skills of professionals in Hong Kong and mainland China. I am sure CMA will continue to offer high-quality programs and initiatives to prepare our future managers and leaders to deal with the challenges of the new global era... " 


0     鄺啟濤博士, 榮譽勳章

Dr. Joseph K.T. Kwong, MH













0     Dr. Andrew K.S. Wong (黃錦成先生), DBA (HKPU) 

      Managing Director of Kowloon Watch Company (since 1952)

      Former Chairman of The Kowloon Tong District Scout Council

29 October 2010

“I am grateful to be an Honorary President of the Charter Management Association (CMA). On behalf of Kowloon Watch Group, I would like to offer our warmest congratulations to CMA on the occasion of its 30th Anniversary. The consistently high quality of CMA's education tools and trainings ... have definitely raised the quality of management teams and professionals in Hong Kong...”


0     Dr. Anthony Kachikian-Edwards


      Chairman of the Board,

                     The Association of Certified Public Accountants (Int'l )

      Honorary Fellowship, Chartered Management Association

      Honorary Fellowship, Chartered Association of Directors

      Honorary Fellowship, Asia Pacific CEO Association

19 June 2010

“On the occasion of the Thirtieth Anniversary, I wish to extend my Council's sincere congratulations to the Management of the Charter Management Association (CMA) and wishing CMA success and progress in all its future ventures. In my capacity as Honorary President of the Charter Management Association , may the success of  CMA and its constructive accomplishments continue internally, on the mainland and globally...”


0     Mr. Huang Shao-Kang (黃少康先生)



Chairman & President, EPRO Limited

(A Company listed on The Hong Kong Stock Exchange Ltd.)

        特許行政管理協會創會以來, 致力推廣現代管理知識、促進中西文化交流, 成績有目共睹, 可喜可賀... 期望本會發揚過往30年來積極投身教育事業的優良傳統, 在新的世紀更加深入引進西方現代管理知識, 為香港及祖國的經濟繁榮作出更大的貢獻。




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