Yuin University (YU) is a pioneer in leading international education in the United States.  Founded in California in 1981, YU received immediate full approval from the California State Department of Public Instruction for all its undergraduate and graduate degree programs.   As YU enters its fourth decade, it is proud to announce that the California State Department of Education will renew its approval again for another five years.  Getting state approval in California these days is just as hard as getting regional accreditation status; therefore, YU has very good reason to be proud of its achievement!



From its campus location in the Los Angeles area, YU offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Business Administration, Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, and Theology.  The mission of the School of Business Administration is to “provide effective educational programs primarily directed to fully employed, highly motivated men and women who have the sincere desire to increase their job security, to improve their career prospects, and to accelerate their personal development without leaving their present jobs, through an independent study program.”



For international students desiring to study at the YU campus in USA, YU is authorized by the US Immigration to issue I-20 visas.  YU has been a member of SEVIS since January 2004.



Now, for the first time, YU is bringing its PhD program to Hong Kong and China through Charter Management Association (CMA).  This PhD program is designed to be a research-based program with no traditional coursework involved.  The program is truly unique in that it will help students produce high quality research that can be published in internationally recognized conferences or journals.  No other program offers such assistance and assurance to doctoral students.



Admission requirements are flexible.  YU will consider transfer credits from other institutions as well as significant work and business experience as part of the application package.  The normal requirement is a master’s degree in any field.  In exceptional cases, a student with only a bachelor’s degree may be admitted directly into the PhD program.



YU will offer its programs in Hong Kong and Greater China at a substantially lower tuition than the normal fees charged by the University in USA. This is a special arrangement created exclusively for Fellow Members of :-

(i.)               Chartered Management Association ( CDMA ),

(ii.)             Chartered Association of Directors ( CAD ), and

(iii.)           Asia Pacific CEO Association ( APCA ).





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