International American University (IAU) is a top choice among Asian students when it comes to online or distance business education.  Today, IAU boasts of many students and graduates from all over Asia including Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, India and Nepal.  It is one of very few American universities that actually hold formal graduation ceremonies for its students in Asia every year.



Below are some key reasons why you should choose IAU:



·         With its vast student body and extensive experience in Asian countries and cultures, IAU understands the Asian student better than most American universities do.



·         IAU is approved by the State of California to grant degrees under the provisions of the California Education Code, Section 94900.



·         IAU is applying for DETC accreditation in the US this year.  DETC defines, maintains, and promotes educational excellence in distance education institutions.  Furthermore, IAU is listed with the California Postsecondary Education Commission which provides the legislative and the executive branches of government with advice and information about major policy and planning issues concerning education beyond high school.



·         Many IAU degree-holders hold prominent positions in business and government throughout Asia.  Therefore, if you are an IAU student or graduate, you will automatically have access to this invaluable network for your future success.



·         Unlike other online universities with no real campus, IAU actually has 2 physical campuses, one in Los Angeles and the other in beautiful Orange County.  This gives the public confidence that IAU is not one of those online universities that may take your money and fly by night.  In fact, because of its physical locations, IAU has been granted by the US Federal Government to grant visa to foreign students to study for academic degrees and English Language training.



·         Through its partner, CMA of Hong Kong, IAU is now offering an accelerated Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program whereby a student with significant business experience may complete the program in a short period of time.



·         The tuition fee for the DBA program offered through CMA is substantially lower than the normal fees charged by the University.  This is a special arrangement created exclusively for the Fellow Members of (i.) Chartered

Management Association, (ii.) Chartered Association of Directors and (iii.)

Asia Pacific CEO Association.


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