Senior Advisors


Senior Advisors

0     Dr. Edward J. Rybczyk, Ed.D  (14 Sept 2000)

      Executive Director, Institute for Industrial and Engineering Technology,

Central Connecticut State University (1849)

 “… The Charter Management Association (CMA) has provided knowledge and leadership in a quality manner to help shape one of the most prosperous business centers in the regional area…. Our wishes are that the next twenty years bring continued prosperity and success to CMA.  May the future be bright with many more celebrations of achievements!”


0     Professor Theodore O.Wallin, Ph.D (Cornell)

      Visiting Scholar, HKUST

      Visiting Faculty, HKU

      Professor, Syracuse University (USA)

“… I am very pleased to recognize the Charter Management Association (CMA) on the occasion its twentieth anniversary and to commend the Association for its fine work in management education…. CMA is to be commended for development such a large variety of quality programs to meet the needs of managers and business practitioners in the areas…. Many have benefited through the work of CMA and the future is bright with opportunities for its continued contribution.”


0     邱力生博士  

      中國武漢大學教授, 博士生導師

香港特許行政管理協會成立的二十年來, 取得了可喜的成績, 為社會培養了許多人才, 在國際上具有很高的知名度


0     Mr. Sunny S.H. Sy   (15 Dec 2000)

      General Manager, Textiles and Apparel Division,

           Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC)

 “…The Charter Management Association has been consistently providing training and education….. with overseas universities and professional bodies from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia…. I wish the Association every success in the new millennium.”


0     Mr. Forrest Chan

      Regional Manager, Financial Times (FT) Knowledge (A Pearson Company)

 “…This is definitely a joyful occasion for the Charter Management Association (CMA)as the extensive recognition which the Association receives locally and internationally today is the fruit of twenty years of hard work. My warmest congratulations to its remarkable achievement…. I would like to take this opportunity to thank CMA for the supports which we have received…. There are exciting new opportunities opening up for CMA to make new achievements.  I wish CMA every success in the promising future.”


0     Dr. T.T. Yuen (源大同博士), FAPCA, FHKSA, CPA  (28 Nov 2000)   

      Fellow, Asia Pacific CEO Association (FAPCA)

      Vice-Chairman, Chinese Canadian Association Hong Kong

      District Committee Chairman, Lions International District 303 Hong Kong & Macau

      Principal Auditor, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

      Founding President, China Law Association in Hong Kong

“It is my honour and pleasure to extend my warmest congratulations and greetings to Charter Management Association on its 20th Anniversary celebration occasion… I would like to express once again my sincere and hearty congratulation to the Association every success in the future and many more fruitful contributions to the Hong Kong and China communities in its future expansion and development.”


0     Dr. Josiah Auyeung

      Committee Member of Youth Section, Chinese Chamber of Commerce

      Yan Chai Hospital (88-89, 91-92, 93-94)  Director

      Former President of Lions Club of Castle Peak

      Honorary President, Shun Tak Fraternal Association

“… The Charter Management Association has in the past two decades contributed to provide excellent programs for personal and corporate growth and development…”


0     Mr. James S.L. Tsui (徐小龍會長)*

           Chartered Building Surveyor

      President of City Junior Chamber (城市青年商會)


“… it is my great pleasure to congratulate the Charter Management Association (CMA) on its 20th Anniversary, which has marked CMA’s remarkable contributions to Hong Kong over the decades… We hope that we can establish relationship and co-operate with the Charter Management Association in any aspect in future….”


0     Mr. Ringo Y.P. Lee

      Director & General Manager

Challenger Auto Services Ltd. (挑戰者汽車服務有限公司)

      Chairman, Hong Kong Vehicle Repair Merchants Association Ltd.

      Vice President, Hong Kong Automobile Association

      Vice Chairman, Institute of The Motor Industry Hong Kong

“…Since its establishment in 1980, the Charter Management Association has devoted itself… of organizing academic and professional programs of overseas universities and professional institutions in Hong Kong and Mainland China….. I extend my very best wishes to the Association for every success in the future.”


0     Mr. John T.T. Ho, FCHMA   (20 Dec 2001)

      Fellow, Chartered Management Association

      Vice President, United Overseas Bank Group

“…Over the past two decades, Charter Management Association has been devoting itself to both academic and professional education in Hong Kong and Mainland China with great achievement. It is my honour to serve such an esteemed educational Institution.  I sincerely extend my congratulations to the Association for its past success in educational contribution to our society and hope its endeavors will be more successful in the New Century.”


0     Mr. Roy Lo Wa-Kei (盧華基會計師)   (5 Oct 2000)


      Director, Innovation (Asia) Ltd.

      Non-Executive Director, Sun Hing Vision Group Holdings Ltd.

           (A company Listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd..)

“…Charter Management Association (CMA) is renowned for its dedication to various programs arranged to be organized in Hong Kong and China.  It has successfully developed a brand name in continuous higher education especially in the business field.  CMA has been playing a key role in bringing the western educational cultures to the Greater China…..”


0     Mr. William C. Hung, FCHMA   (15 Sept 2000)

      Director of sales &

Director of Business Development

           e-Kong Zone 1511 Ltd.

           (e-Kong is a Hong Kong Listed Company.  Zone 1511 Ltd. is a broker acts in between end users and over 15 IDD service providers.)

“…The Charter Management Association (CMA) has been fulfilling the needs of mature individuals desiring worldwide professional qualifications…. I am pleased to offer my congratulations on the 20th Anniversary of CMA…..”


0     黎子傑先生



 邁步向前   會務日隆             


0     吳國強先生


十年樹木   百年樹人