Honorary Presidents


Honorary Presidents

0     The Hon. Dr. O.S.K. Kizango, MP  (31 May 2000)

Member of Parliament (國會議員)

“On this auspicious occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the Charter Management Association (CMA)…, I feel proud to be associated with it, hoping that my contributions will dot yet other memorable attainments for years to come not only for the benefit of the Association’s Management, but also for those who vie to further their careers through the attainment of Academic and Professional excellence, acquired or to be attained through or with the assistance of the CMA….”


0     Mr. William W.H. Au, BBS, JP   (28 Nov 2000)

區永熙 BBS 太平紳士

      Committee Member, National Committee of The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference


      Former Chairman/Managing Director, Hop Ying International Holdings Ltd.

           (A Company Listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd.)

“… it is my pleasure to extend warmest congratulations to the Charter Management Association (CMA) on its 20th Anniversary…. I am confident that CMA will arrange to organize valuable programs to prepare all senior executives with managerial theories to help them become tomorrow’s business leaders.”


0     Dr. Leo K.W. Lok* (駱健華律師)   (Jan 2001)

Solicitor & Notary Public, China Appointed Attesting Officer

     Member of the Standing Committee of Convocation, University of Hong Kong (2007-2010)

(香港大學校董 (2007-2010))

“… Over the past 20 years, the dedication of Charter Management Association (CMA) to the promotion of educational and professional programs, has been highly applauded…. I am proud of CMA’s laudable achievements over the decades.  I believe CMA will continue to contribute to society with its quality professional study programs.  I wish CMA great success and prosperity.”


0     Dr. Dickson K.T. Wong, Barrister & CPA   (28 Nov 2000)

王啟達大律師, 會計師

      Member of The Board of Trustee, United College of The Chinese University of Hong Kong


“… Over the past two decades, Charter Management Association (CMA) has provided outstanding and quality education to academicians and professionals at various entry levels…. Prosperity in the 21st Century relies on high standard education and CMA is a big contributor to fulfil this need…..”


0     Dr. M. Whitaker, MInstD   (22 Dec 2000)

      President, Society of Business Practitioners (1956), UK

      Honorary President, Society of Business Practitioners (Hong Kong Branch)

“It gives me great pleasure to offer my congratulations on the 20th Anniversary of the Charter Management Association (CMA)…. I feel it is a great honour to be Honorary President of CMA, for there are so many organisations which work in conjunction with CMA and I wish the Association many years of success in leading the way for Members and Students.”


0     藍明良法學教授





“….特許行政管理協會創會20年來, 不遺餘力引進西方高等教育及專業學會…. 培育出大批專業人才…. 成績有目共睹….. 對社會文明的貢獻, 本人深表欽佩和欣慰…..“


0     Dr. Sidney Y.K. Siu, S.B, St.J.  (27 Oct 2000)


      President of Great China Brokerage Ltd.

(Member of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Ltd.)

      Director of Wang On Group Ltd.

(A Company Listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd.)

      Former Chairman of Pok Oi Hospital  前博愛醫院董事局主席

“… I would like to extend my warmest greetings and congratulations to the Charter Management Association on its 20th Anniversary ….. wish the Association every success in the future and many more years of fulfillment in the advancement of management training.”


0     Professor Joseph Y. S. Cheng (鄭宇碩教授)  (26 Sept 2000)

      Professor (Chair) and

Director of Contemporary China Research Centre, City University of Hong Kong

“… Over the past 20 years, Charter Management Association ‘CMA’… has co-operated with reputable universities in Canada and USA to offer the Distance Learning Programs in Hong Kong…., CMA will certainly have a more significant role to play in Hong Kong’s future development….”


0     Professor K.S. Pun, OBE, JP (潘國城OBE, JP教授)  (5 Oct. 2000)

      Hon. Professor, University of Hong Kong

      Former Director of Planning, Planning Department, Hong Kong SAR Government


“… I have great pleasure to congratulate the Charter Management Association most warmly on its 20th Anniversary.  It is indeed a tremendous achievement to have maintained such an outstanding, active and useful organization for so many years….”


0     國世平教授 (23 Oct 2000)




“…創會以來, 特許行政管理協會堅持培養人才, 貢獻社會為宗旨, 並取得了可喜的成績…. 協會20年來積極引進西方文化及現代商業管理知識, 促進中西文化交流,, 對香港教育事業貢獻良多, 值得稱許…..“


0     Dr. Peter W.Y. Kom  (30 March 2000)

      Executive Director,

Ecopro Hi-Tech Holdings Ltd. (A Company Listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Ltd.)

      Chief Representative,

Pacific Business Bank, USA

“…Charter Management Association (CMA) will no doubt give a valuable contribution to the community with the education and training it has provided to its members….. I firmly believe the extension of their valuable contributions benefit not only to our community but also towards China… I sincerely congratulate the continuous success and achievements of CMA for the next decade!. “


0     Mr. S. C. Chiang, MH  (19 Sept 2000)

      Former Member of Kowloon City District Board

      Former President of Lions Club of North Kowloon

      Former Chairman of Finance Committee, Urban Council

      Former Director of Pok Oi Hospital

“… I am very pleased to share the celebrity of Charter Management Association (CMA) for its 20th Anniversary, and to commend the Association for its fine work in management education…. I will always support CMA for offering quality education for senior executives in Hong Kong SAR and Mainland China.  I wish the Association every success in the New Millennium.”


0     Wong Kam-Shing, EMBA (Ottawa), FCHMA, FCHAD, FAPCA (黃錦成先生) 

      Chairman, The Scout Association of Hong Kong-Kowloon Region

      Managing Director, Kowloon Watch Company

“… As a past student and an Honorary President of Charter Management Association (CMA) ……., I must take this opportunity to congratulate CMA for the contribution in the past 20 years….. graduate from CMA through these years have helped to increase the value of the society.  I trust CMA’s continuous effort to the society will be highly respected.”


0     Mr. Leung Wah-Chai (梁華濟政協)  (22 Nov 2000)


      Chairman & President, Yanion International Holdings Ltd.


           (A Company Listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd.)

“…特許行政管理協會創立20週年….. 致力推廣現代管理知識, 促進中西文化交流, 成績有目共睹, 可喜可賀…..“


0     Dr. Wayne K.W. Ho (何光榮博士) 

      Former Consul of Costa Rica in Hong Kong


      Friend of Cambridge University in Hong Kong (Life Member)

 桃李滿門  社會精英


0     Mr. Leo Tsoi  (20 Sept 2000)

      President & CEO, Arcontech Corporation


           (Listing on the Growth Enterprise Market of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd.)

“…Charter Management Association has marked its remarkable successes and contributions to Hong Kong and the Mainland China over the decades…. We will continue to support the Association, hoping it will continue to grow stronger and running more successful academic and professional programs in the years ahead.”


0     黃柏齡政協 (16 Oct 2000)



 “…特許行政管理協會創會20週年…. 致力發展中外教育事業, 並成功引進西方先進商業管理知識, 對本港現代商業管理及中國現代化建設產生了正面及積極的影響, 從而奠定了中西文化交流基石, 成績有目共睹…..“