Honorary Directors


Honorary Directors

0     羅涵先政協



 愛心普惠  造福社會


0     Professor Keith Cornwell  (March 2001)

      Director of Quality, Edinburgh Business School of Heriot-Watt University (1821), UK

“… I write to extend my congratulations to the Charter Management Association (CMA) on its contributions to the advancement of business education and professional development on this, the twentieth anniversary of its foundation.  Edinburgh Business School, the graduate business school of Heriot-Watt University, is pleased to be associated with CMA and to recognize its outstanding educational and business services to the community over this period …… CMA combines the best courses in America, Europe and Australia with the best in the Far East to give a varied portfolio of educational opportunities at all levels. By so doing it not only provides a truly international education for the business community, but also plays a significant role in encouraging international cooperation and peaceful coexistence….”


0     楊海興教授  (10 May 2001)

      Dean of Adult Education School, Shanghai Jiatong University, China


育才創業  成就未來


0     馬春光教授  

      Dean, School of International Business Management,

           University of International Business And Economics


立足行政管理廿年   培養高層人才若干

 抓住全球市場機遇   力爭做出更大貢獻


0     Mr. Tony K.T. Leung

      Executive Director, Ryoden Development Ltd.

( A Company Listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd.)

“…The Charter Management Association has played an important role in providing opportunities for its students/members to upgrade and improve business skill through offering high-quality educational and training programmes in affiliation with overseas universities and educational institutions in Hong Kong and Mainland China.  Hence, the Association’s remarkable achievements have contributed to the healthy development of our business and professional sectors, which benefits not only its students/members but also the society as a whole…”


0     王學利政協  (28 Nov 2000)




“…特許行政管理協會創會20周年堅持以培養人才, 貢獻社會為宗旨, 更積極, 廣泛, 深入地引進現代西方商業管理知識, 對香港的教育事業貢獻良多, 並且促進了中西文化交流, 為香港的持續穩定繁榮, 為祖國的富強昌盛作出了一定的貢獻


0     張曙光教授