Academic & Professional Institutions


Academic & Professional Institutions

0     Professor Kern Kwong, Ph.D.

      Director of Asian Pacific Business Institute,

           California State University, Los Angeles (USA)

 “….I would like to extend my warmest congratulation to the Charter Management Association (CMA) on its impressive achievements over the last two decades…. I am very delighted that CMA is providing the highest quality programs to business practitioners to Hong Kong and People’s Republic of China…”


0     Dr. Jerry C. Lee  (9 Nov 2000)

      President, National University (USA)

“On behalf of the faculty and staff of National University, I would like to congratulate you on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of Charter Management Association in Hong Kong.…”


0     Mr. Jesse S. Lee  (13 Oct 2000)

      Chairman, Hong Kong Procurement Professional Association (HKPPA)

“…The contribution of Charter Management Association (CMA) is uncountable to our Society in these twenty years…. Representing the HKPPA, I wish CMA every success in the coming years.”


0     Dr. Ronald P. Sexton, Ph.D. 

      Chancellor, Montana State University – Billings , USA

“…Montana State University–Billings has an interest in exploring the possibility of a joint-venture with the Charter Management Association (CMA) to provide educational offerings in Hong Kong and China….. President Shum, the prospect of a joint venture with CMA has exciting possibilities for our respective organizations….”